Metal strainer for tea – sustainable tea preparation and optimal taste experience with metal strainer for tea

Metal strainer for tea

Metal strainer for tea: pure pleasure for tea lovers

With a metal strainer for tea as an accessory, you can prepare loose tea perfectly

A metal strainer made of durable stainless steel is the ideal accessory for pure, unadulterated tea enjoyment. True tea connoisseurs prefer loose tea because its aroma is much more intense than tea bags. A fine tea strainer is perfect for preparing finely cut loose tea. No matter which tea you prefer, you can brew herbal tea, black tea, darjeeling, fruit tea and many other teas in a strainer. A fine tea strainer is particularly finely woven and prevents residues from landing in your glass, cup or jug. Another advantage: You can infuse the tea several times in a stainless steel strainer – this not only protects the environment, but also your wallet.

The correct preparation of loose teas in a metal strainer requires some practice and time, but rewards you with a fine taste. First, the tea is placed in a stainless steel strainer and poured over with water from the kettle. The temperature and infusion time depends on the type of tea and is essentially responsible for the aroma. Conclusion: With a metal sieve you can prepare loose tea according to your individual wishes.

Metal strainer for tea: High quality made of durable stainless steel

The advantages of a metal sieve for your loose tea are obvious: a metal sieve made of stainless steel is tasteless, does not absorb odours and is easy to clean. A high-quality stainless steel sieve or a robust plastic sieve can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Another alternative for preparing loose tea is filter paper. However, compared to a reusable metal screen, paper filters are not particularly environmentally friendly.

In addition, tea from a metal sieve not only tastes better, but is also easier to dose with a metal sieve. At the same time, you do something for the environment with a metal sieve, because no waste is generated. The used tea leaves from your metal strainer can be easily disposed of on the compost or in the organic bin. With a sieve, the model varies in diameter and size. You can use the metal sieve either for one cup or for a whole pot of one litre.

Metal strainer for tea: A nice gift idea for real tea connoisseurs

With high-quality accessories such as a reusable metal strainer, you are guaranteed to please every tea lover. You can combine the metal sieve particularly well with other small gifts such as a cup, jug, glass, or a noble teapot. A tasty loose tea to try out the new metal sieve right away makes the gift perfect.

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